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Why Reseller Program

  • To increase our network and to make everything possible, to provide quality services to individual customers. This way customers are directly linked with our resellers and get quality after sale support.

  • We always welcome professionals / enterprises to work as our resellers. By becoming part of our reseller program, you would be able to provide customers with high quality business software to suit their needs.

  • This is a 100% win-win opportunity for our resellers, working with a reliable and trusted software, with a commitment to provide best support.

  • We sell to our resellers and they sell to their customers. We earn ... Our resellers earn ... And customers get satisfactory services and trustworthy software products.

Reseller Branding Features / Terms & Conditions

  • We offer all our resellers their own branded software, developed by Afroz Technologies. We shall insert your own logo, business name, software name, icons, contact details etc at all the required places in selected software and remove our information. You select your own name for the software. IT WOULD BE YOUR OWN PRODUCT. None of your clients would know that the software has not been developed by your company.

  • With a branded software at hand, you can start your own software business.

  • Being our reseller is completely anonymous, allowing you to act as an independent software house. You save all development costs, that is in multiples of cost for a reseller package, and get a ready product to market and sell.

  • You can purchase any number of installation licenses or unlimited installations, for Afroz Technologies list of products. Get your branding done for the selected software and here you are ready for marketing your own software product.

  • You can develop your own packages and sell at your own prices.

  • You keep 100% of your sale receipts.

  • Modification charges (Vary as per work required by clients) will be charged by Afroz Technologies.

  • Reseller can work at their own terms. e.g. They can charge for training and visit at client's premises etc.

  • If you think that being a reseller would be confusing? Don't worry! We shall provide you one on one support to walk you through everything free of charge. We are here 24.7.365 to support your reseller support needs.

  • Reseller need not share the client/s' contact information with Afroz Technologies.

  • To avoid market saturation and to maintain competition, we expect our resellers not to sell below the minimum retail price, that is 25% of prices, being offered by Afroz Technologies. The agreement may cancelled if reseller goes against this condition.

  • The main benefit of reseller branding program is that your prospective customers cannot contact Afroz Technologies directly, after your demonstrations etc, unless and until you intentionally let them contact us. Software contains your contact details everywhere.

  • After-sale support would be provided to customers by the reseller, though we shall be assisting reseller with respect to any issues.

Afroz Technologies has been providing information technology solutions, to all types of industries and markets, since 2003.

We have a wide network of clients worldwide in more than 30 countries. Several CA firms and Management Consultants have been working in collaboration with us, to implement, our solutions at their clients.

This becomes possible only because of our team of dedicated IT and Accountancy professionals.


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