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Accounting, Inventory, Invoicing and Production Management System

Suitable for Pharmaceutical & Chemicals Distributors, Manufacturing Concerns & Pharmacies


  • User logins and rights.

  • Unlimited period license and no annual renewal charges.

  • Multi company.

  • Adaptable with currencies and taxes system of any country.

  • Company logo and general company information to be modifiable with the user.

  • Unlimited financial years.

  • Option of opening different companies on the same computer.

  • Back-up and data safety system.

  • Export to Excel, PDF, Text & HTML.

  • 4 levels of chart of accounts.

  • 3 levels of chart of inventory.

  • Jobs management.

  • Manages different inventory location such as warehouses or shops.

  • Purchase orders.

  • Inwards gate passes.

  • Purchases.

  • Quotations.

  • Sale orders.

  • Delivery challans.

  • Outwards gate passes.

  • Sales tax.

  • Simple invoices.

  • Batch Nos, Expiry Dates & Declaration Under Section 23 of Drug Act 1976 in Invoices

  • Barcode scanning and printing.

  • Product serials, tracking & warranty claims.

  • Discount columns in invoices, percent-wise or on amount.

  • Cash and bank receipts.

  • Cash and bank payments.

  • Inventory adjustments.

  • Inventory location transfers.

  • Automatically generated vouchers of all types.

  • Different formats of sale invoices.

  • Inventory re-order levels.

  • Daily affairs report.

  • Daily general journal report.

  • Purchase orders tracking.

  • Sale orders tracking.

  • Inventory purchase and sale analysis reports.

  • Purchase reports.

  • Sale reports.

  • Sales tax / VAT registers.

  • Items costs / prices statistics.

  • Item-wise profits.

  • Inventory ledgers.

  • Inventory balances.

  • Receivables' aging report.

  • Payables' aging report.

  • Cashbook.

  • Banks Ledgers.

  • Accounts' Ledgers.

  • Trial balance.

  • Income Statement / Profit & Loss Account for Different Periods.

  • Balance Sheet at Different Dates.

  • Operating Systems (Microsoft Windows - All Versions)


Package 1

1 Computer Installation

Rs 20,000


Additional Installation per Computer

Rs 6,000


Package 2

Unlimited Computers Installation with Activation Key Generator

Rs 70,000


Package 3

Unlimited Computers Installation with Activation Key Generator and Source Code of Software

Rs 80,000



Optional Services (Charged, only if required)

Upgrade to Database in MS SQL

Rs 20,000


Branding for resellers with own Business Name, Logo and Contact details

Rs 15,000


On-Site Installation, Training & Visit Charges

Lahore, Karachi & Peshawar

Rs 2,000 Per Visit

(Please Contact to Confirm Charges for Other Cities)




1) No Annual Renewal Charges

2) No Maintenance Charges

3) Modification Charges would be charged as per work

Afroz Technologies has been providing information technology solutions, to all types of industries and markets, since 2003.

We have a wide network of clients worldwide in more than 30 countries. Several CA firms and Management Consultants have been working in collaboration with us, to implement, our solutions at their clients.

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